The New Geneva; On Campus and On Line

By God’s Grace, in only a few short weeks, on October 5th 2009, we will launch The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy on-campus classes. In addition to the in-house courses, The New Geneva will also be teaching overseas in Burma, India, and Kenya along with many in the states via Internet correspondence and conference contact hours.

Each College level class is geared toward our overall mission of strategies and tactics for effects based results in the family, church and culture. Each course is packed with both resources, and challenging information in order to equip each student with the tools for dominion, both individually, and in concert with one another. Through class lectures and discussions those tools are then sharpened, and applied to the world at large. The New Geneva is all about Applied Leadership Directives.

This semester, The New Geneva will be offering a series of on-campus and correspondence studies in Theology, Constitutional and Biblical Law, Applied Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Journalism, and Constitutional Philosophy. Subject studies in Art, Music, Economics, and Applied Computer Science are slotted for the spring semester. Each on-campus student will have access to our extensive theological library of approximately 20,000 books, articles, MP3 files, and PDF files. IN addition to these resources, the library will also host an extensive DVD and audio library, along with computer access to thousands of Internet resource links.

The New Geneva Academy is also working with The Chalcedon Foundation to incorporate all its publications into the Geneva’s course studies for a more comprehensive, dominion-oriented education of applied theonomics.

If you wish to know more about The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, contact the registrar at or 434-352-2667, or visit


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