The Climate Really Does Change: A Warning on Melting Arctic Polar Glaciers . . . in 1922

Dr. Gary North posts articles of interest each day, 6 days per week.His work is always informative, and needs to be taken very seriously.

He states;
“I use my Twitter account to send out interesting news items I find. I post four articles a day, six days a week on my site, If I find other goodies during the day, I post them on an open-access page. Those people who are signed up for the RSS feed from my site are notified. I also post the link to Twitter.There are people who don’t know how to use RSS feeds. Twitter is easier.”

He continues,
“Here is an example of a page that I posted this week: on global warming. Specifically, it deals with arctic icebergs. I posted it as soon as I heard about it. It’s a newspaper report from November. November 1922.”

I thought this would be of interest.

Here is the link:
Deo Vindice!


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