Economics, Stewardship & Scripture

A people’s concept about God, man, and the world directly determines their idea as to the proper role of civil government in any given society. This principle can also be applied to the church and her members. As for the church, its idea of God, if it is not based upon the entirety of the Scripture’s counsel, will result in erroneous doctrine, which results in erroneous practice, which then must result in the wrong choice of political, and governmental leadership. I am always amazed at the ignorance of professing church members who consistently vote for candidates who clearly hold anti Biblical views on government, law, and economics. Christian Economist Thomas Rose rightly stated, “Man’s theology determines his philosophy of man, which in turn produces his political philosophy. Out of this develops a nation’s policies, from which evolves the economic system.”

Simply put; “As a man thinketh, so is he”. Whenever a nation wrongly views God, or as in many communist nations, denies the existence of God, that nation will vote for candidates, who will support, and ultimately usher in a government controlled economic system. Rose confirms this. “The natural outgrowth of the humanist viewpoint of man can only be a controlled, and regimented society: socialism, fascism, communism or the welfare state, which is different not in essence but only in degree.”

Covetous men are sinful men. When covetous men capture political power they strive to manipulate the societal order in order to control it to their benefit, and reap economic wealth. The covetous refuse to work legitimately, and through legitimate means, for their wealth. They would rather take what is not theirs by any means available even if it means violating the clear standards of law, justice and equity. Their desire is to take what is not lawfully their own and to change the face of society to advance their philosophical viewpoint. This is often done through the implementation of unlawful legislation, but this is only to appease a wretched conscious for those that still have a soul. The covetous man craves, with the intent to obtain by coercion, or craft, or even direct force, that which lawfully belongs to another. Covetous men are thieves, and when thieves assume political position their larceny is clearly manifested by the laws they endorse, and the policies that they support.

In this American, post-Christian environment, the saints must be more savvy, and acutely aware, more than ever before, concerning this nation’s policies, and their ramifications. This means that the study of practical issues from the standpoint of Scriptural strategy and logistics must be a steady diet. The saints must understand what the Scriptures say about privacy, economic safety and stewardship, investments, education, medicine, national and personal defense et al so as to implement God’s Word to this present life.

This blog post is a call for this careful study and implementation of Biblically sound stewardship principles in light of this nation’s present distress. It is a call to the committed saint only, because only the committed saint understands the importance of timely implementation.

In an article by Gary North entitled “Gold and Metal Paralysis: The Agony of Procrastination” he writes;

“There is no procrastination to match gold procrastination. I say this after watching the gold market since 1963. On December 27, 2005,I sent out an issue of “Gary North’s Reality Check” on this topic: “Gold and Mental Paralysis, Part 2: A Missed Opportunity . . . Again.” I was not preaching to the choir. The choir had long ago bought gold. I was preaching to pew-sitters. [This post is a reprint] For old time’s sake, I hereby reprint [it]. If it still applies to you, you are in agony. You sat in the “pew” and did nothing. You are now poorer. You know it. You are kicking yourself, for good reason. You knew.”

Too many saints are still sitting in the pews doing nothing but worrying about the future. Some are telling themselves that it is all going to pass without so much as being a bump in the road. Others are trying to convince themselves that it is not as bad as it seems, or that God will somehow protect them even if they sit idly by without doing a thing or making any stewardship preparations. Still others believe the rapture will come before the money fails, and the societal order crumbles under a tempest of immorality, Fabian socialism and tyrannical fascism. This attitude is dangerous both to the individual and to the Kingdom work.

I have not been blessed with much money. I am not rich in dollars. I have been made rich in knowledge, both about money as well as the Scriptures in general, and their application. I am passionate about stewardship especially when it comes to money and how to steward those things, which God has given me for the kingdom advancement.

I am not an expert in everything; I do not claim to be. I am, however, very knowledgeable in some things. Those things that I do not understand I find someone who does, and I tap into his understanding so that I may understand. Over the years I have discovered, researched and developed many faithful resources concerning Biblical stewardship.

In the coming months, if God wills, I am going to introduce a series of written reports entitled “Economics, Stewardship and Scripture”. It will be offered on a subscription basis only. It will not be free, but it will be affordable. It will be loaded with Biblically sound ideas on stewardship, and the economic situation we face. More importantly it will reveal important logistical steps that can, and must be taken for the well being of your family, your church, and the overall health of the Kingdom of God. It will also point you to a great many resources that I personal rely upon each week. These will assist you in deeper research and planning. Together we will not only weather the storm that is approaching, but we will overcome, and be victorious under God, and by His Grace for the advancement of His kingdom.

Pro Rege!

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