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Jim Boyes is one of the good guys exposing some of the horrors of Government “public” education. In his latest email post he explores the policy of expulsion by some prominent Universities for those who hold Christian convictions.

Here is a sample of the post from World Net Daily.

‘A lawsuit against Augusta State University in Georgia alleges school officials essentially gave a graduate student in counseling the choice of giving up her Christian beliefs or being expelled from the graduate program.

School officials Mary Jane Anderson-Wiley, Paulette Schenck and Richard Deaner demanded student Jen Keeton, 24, go through a “remediation” program after she asserted homosexuality is a behavioral choice, not a “state of being” as a professor said, according to the complaint.

Also named as defendants in the case that developed in May and June are other administrators and the university system’s board of regents.

The remediation program was to include “sensitivity training” on homosexual issues, additional outside study on literature promoting homosexuality and the plan that she attend a “gay pride parade” and report on it.

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The lawsuit, filed by attorneys working with the Alliance Defense Fund, asserted the school cannot violate the Constitution by demanding that a person’s beliefs be changed.’

Read it in its entirety here:

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