New Geneva Degree Programs

While not yet, “official” The New Geneva Leadership Academy will be offering a series of College level degree programs, consisting of a four year Bachelor degree of Applied Theology, a two year Associate degree of Applied Theology, a one year certificate diploma program and a leadership internship tract.

Although not “humanistically” or “good ol’boy academia” accredited, and furthermore rejecting any humanistic involvement or oversight by local, state of federal entities, New Geneva has sought recognition under the SCHEV (State Counsel of Higher Education of Virginia) religious exemption statue. This grants College status recognition while keeping New Geneva inline with some of the highest academic standards in addition to our own Biblical Standards.

By taking this step of religious exemption with the state of Virginia, Geneva’s Board of Directors hopes to encourage students, and parents, to take a closer look at what this Leadership College has to offer.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Kevin Clauson for his kindness, friendship, and enthusiastic willingness to assist New Geneva in the technicalities of degree recognition.

Read a more comprehensive explanation of our accreditation commitment and review our pdf course catalog at:


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