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Professor Steve Halbrook of New Geneva has just launched a Theonomy Resource site and The Christian Civilization Forum. Below is the introductory statement and mission. Please review it and use it for the advancement of the Crown Rights of King Jesus.

“The goal of the forum is to ask hard questions about, and work out the details of, Biblical law as it applies to various civil situations and aspects of civilization.

The exegetical and philosophical foundations for theonomy are settled; it is time to begin fleshing out the details. It is not enough for theonomists to say that the answer is God’s law when they don’t know how to apply it to many aspects of civil government and civilization. It is now time to do the hard work.

Members must adhere to classical Reformed soteriology (“5-point Calvinism”), which excludes adhering to baptismal regeneration (which some high-church “Calvinists” might hold to), and redefinitions of historic Reformed soteriology, such as the Federal Vision (which holds that works are an essential aspect of saving faith, instead of holding that works result from saving faith). Heresy in any form will not be tolerated, whether it be Federal Visionism, kinism, hyper-preterism, etc.”

Christian Civilization Forum

Theonomy Resource Blog


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