Roots of Obama’s Rage: Strange to American Ideals?

Dr. Hector Falcon, Professor of Worldview Theology, Philosophy and History at New Geneva recommends the following information.

Dr. Falcon: “This [first piece] is an interview where Pat Robertson and Dinesh D’Souza talk about Obama’s ideology and how he has adopted the anti-colonial views of his socialist father. Very informative clip that reinforces the fact that Obama is a socialist bent on bringing America down in its global stature.”

Roots of Obama’s Rage: Strange to American Ideals?

Dinesh D’Souza claims the president’s deep personal history and the desire to live by the ideals of his father make him a stranger to America’s Judeo-Christian principles.

Falcon’s second recommendation shows how the news pointed out that 88% of blacks still support Obama.

He states: “Many do so for government handouts or race. The high rate of abortion for black babies is nothing more than genocide. Obama is leading the way as the most pro-abortion president in history! This, in spite of him saying he is a Christian. It is time for Black Christians to honour God by how they vote.”

Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)

From Vorthos Forum ( ): “Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood’s so-called “Negro Project” is alive and well as the most pro-abortion candidate in American history promises to not only protect Roe v. Wade but to use the presidency and his judicial appointments …


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