Ambassador’s School

As you may or may not know, along with its regular college level leadership courses, New Geneva is launching two separate, but somewhat integrated, disciplines of study. One is the Ambassadorship program. The Ambassador’s School is for those students who desire to implement Biblical Strategies and Tactics to real world situations. This select group of statesmen are those who are selflessly committed to Biblical precision, and diligent action, in the field of effects-based planning, with measurable results.

Students desiring to explore leadership in government and public policy can sign onto New Geneva’s Ambassador’s Internship program which will equip them to join the ranks of Biblical leaders in their respective disciplines of study. This tract can be competed in either one or two years and consists of research, study and leadership involvement in the local community. A select series of lectures and readings accompany this tract of study, which is especially designed for leadership action. Completion of this tract of study offers a Leadership Diploma Certificate.

To become eligible for this elite group of policy makers, the candidate must enroll in, and successfully complete a select series of courses geared toward specific areas of the culture.

The other discipline is a simple Theonomic Reconstruction research and study. Anyone can participate by starting one in their own community. New Geneva will assist in the start-up. There are no courses to take and there is no fee. For details on how to begin and how to build a network contact

You can find The Ambassador School course list at


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