16 Shocking Facts About the Student Loan Debt Bubble and the Great College Education Scam

As you read this report, I hope you will consider alternative higher education such as New Geneva.

The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy was founded in order to give the serious Christian student an edge, both academically and financially, without incurring un-biblical debt for an education that is less than God glorifying, and sometimes even blasphemous.

New Geneva targets the student’s goal by offering a personally tailored academic program for scholarship and leadership with a four, two or one year diploma tract. New Geneva does not leave the student with mere academic knowledge but goes beyond the knowledge, to the wisdom of applying that knowledge in the real world.

Certified by Virginia’s State Council of Higher Education, New Geneva may be the answer to you quest for academic excellence and financial frugality.

Please read the article below about the student loan scam and then please consider New Geneva.

16 Shocking Facts


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