Family-Based Entrepreneur Conference

Generations with Vision – a national ministry for homeschool families – will be hosting a powerful, vision-casting conference in Raleigh, North Carolina in March of 2011.

I have always said that now is the time to set up a biblical system of family-based economics now, before it’s too late! While families are failing, the present agricultural systems are hardly sustainable, and our debt-based economies are cracking, this conference is suggesting an alternative plan based upon Scripture.

And while almost every developed nation today reports social and economic decline on the macro scale, our families can thrive in the midst of it all, if they remain faithful to God’s Biblical model.

I will be there with Rev. Mark Rushdoony at the Chalcedon booth discussing R.J. Rushdoony’s works and introducing some of the new courses and direction for the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy.

Below is a list of Speakers that will be at the event.

Speakers and Schedule

Doug Phillips, Erik Weir, Stephen Beck, Kevin Swanson, R.C. Sproul Jr., Scott Brown, and more.

Please check out the full schedule available online for detailed information. Make sure to check out the special panel on “Family Based Entrepreneurs” where real families will be sharing their stories on how they have created family businesses in various areas including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, sales, and more!

The speakers will cover many topics pertinent and timely to our current economic and social decline, including:

* Unemployment: What to Do When There’s Nothing to Do
* The Proverbs 31 Family
* What Every Family Should Know About Starting Their Own Business
* A Vision of Victory for the Family
* The College Paradigm and the Family Economy
* How to Train Your Son to be Financially Prepared for Marriage
* Sacrifice or Slavery – Building a Christian Community for the Hard Times

NOTE: As a special for HEAV families, register online and receive an exclusive HEAV discount on the already low registration price. Simply enter “HEAV” into the coupon code field on the online payment page. There are less than 300 seats remaining before the conference is filled to capacity, so register online today while there’s still room!

Family Conference 2011


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