Fairness Doctrine: Unfair and Unconstitutional

U.S. Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) and U.S. Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) introduced the Broadcaster Freedom Act to prevent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from reinstating the blatantly unfair “Fairness” Doctrine.

Like most laws Congress enacts that actually does the reverse of what the law’s name pledges, the “Fairness” Doctrine suppresses free speech by giving government the right to monitor political views (when they wished to exercise that option) and decide what constitute fair political discourse—and force the radio or TV host to provide his or her audience by giving equal time to those whose views he or she opposes.

Pence, a former broadcaster, said: “The American people cherish freedom, especially freedom of speech and of the press. Bringing back the ‘Fairness’ Doctrine would violate the 1st Amendment’s free speech clause by granting government the right to censor political views expressed over the public airways. We must pass the Broadcaster Freedom Act and bury the ‘Fairness’ Doctrine once and for all.”

Thank you Mr. Pence and Mr. Walden

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