POST: Introduction to Biblical Economics

Prof: Rev. Paul Michael Raymond

All grades have been submitted to the registrar and will be mailed out within the next week.

Teacher Observations
(Some helps for the Student)

1. Students need to submit assignments in a timely manner. Lecture notes, chapter summaries and essays must be handed in by the date requested, unless there are special situations previously discussed with the professor.

2. Students desiring to write effectively should consider a refresher course in grammar.

3. When writing a position paper, attention must be given to providing concrete analysis, along with concrete solution models.
Simply repeating what another author or professor has already stated, without providing analytical insight, does not achieve the Leadership goal of solving problems. All papers must provide concrete recommendations to the stated problem or cultural situation.

4. In the future: All assignments should have a “cover page” with the course title, date, and student information listed.

5.Footnotes and Bibliographies are always a plus, and counted in the students favor when graded.

6. Inc. = Incomplete: If the student has failed to complete the course requirements in the time allotted, an incomplete grade (Inc. ) is issued. The student can opt to re-take the course via correspondence.Contact the professor to make these arrangements.

These Letter Grade demarcations may help determine your progress

Grading: A+ Outstanding
A, A- Excellent
B, B+ Very Good
B- Good
C, C+ Acceptable
C- Needs improvement
D – See the Professor
F – Failure
Inc. Incomplete – can opt to re-take course


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