Family Economics Conference 2011 Update

In a series of lectures and workshops during Kevin Swanson’s March 2011 “Family Economic Conference”, the focus was upon family stewardship and its unity of purpose. One of the most misunderstood aspects of life, especially in the Christian realm, seems to be economics.

Economics is central to every aspect of life. Everyone trades something for something else. Life is comprised of trade-offs. We trade time for money, and money for things. Life is all about determining which trade is the better bargain. This is called trading at the margin.

New Geneva was represented at the Conference amidst the Chalcedon Book Table since New Geneva uses many of Dr. R.J. Rushdoony’s work as textbooks.

In this time of economic fear it is fitting to have a conference on the family’s economic responsibly and its security. It is also fitting to highlight courses and programs which prepare individuals and families for the rough times ahead. And so, to better prepare families and individuals for what may be the worst economic crisis of our time, New Geneva offers a wide range of courses in Economics, Stewardship and Business.

But studies on economics is not the real beginning point. Economic stewardship begins with proper Christian character.Without a proper Christ-centered focus all the studies in economics will avail nothing. Therefore along with every course tract at New Geneva the course on “Christian Character” is mandated.

PTR THEO VI – Christian Character  (PTR 200)
This course is designed for every Geneva student.
Requirements: Each student must show an in-depth understanding of the material presented and must be able to show forth the fruit of their study.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond
Correspondence/Independent Study
Course Fee: $225 (3 credit Hours @$75/hr)

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