Establishing a Biblical World View

Definition: A world view is any set of presuppositions – assumptions that may be either true or false – which a person holds – either consciously or subconsciously – consistently or inconsistently – about the basic makeup of the world.

Principle 1: Everyone has a world view. There is no neutrality when it comes to an individual’s assumptions about the world.

Everyone has  pre-supposed set of ideas or philosophies of the world in which we live. Everyone has an opinion of what is right or wrong, good or evil, acceptable or unacceptable. Everyone holds to a particular set of beliefs, standards, creeds, and code of ethics all of which are based upon some form of a supposition about the world around us.

Principle 2: Every assumption is a belief and therefore every assumption is religious. Every presupposition is a belief, religiously based upon  in one thing or another. Whether the assumption is based upon the notion of God, or the notion that there is no god, it is a religious assumption.

Most folks hold to a general belief in a god,  a group of gods,  luck, chance, fate, extraterrestrials, the self, government or any number of higher forms of power. All of these ideas about the world form an individual’s presupposition and they are religious in nature.

Principle 3: Everyone thinks in terms of a particular world view presupposition. The presuppositions man has about the world will form how he thinks.

Principle 4: Everyone acts according to a particular set of world view presuppositions. This means that a man will behave and make decisions based upon his beliefs about the world around him. Thus, man is controlled in his everyday affairs by his world view.

But the question is, “Is there an absolute right and wrong view of the world around us?” If the answer is “yes”, then which is the right view? If the answer is “no” then it doesn’t really matter what men do, since everyman will do what is good and right in his own eyes.

The reality is that the world was created with absolutes, by an absolutely righteous and unchanging God. There is an absolute right and wrong, and there is an absolute measuring standard by which to view all things – the moral Law of God.

The reason why man repudiates God’s Law and the totality of the Holy Scripture, to the extent that he does, is because he desires to be his own god.

The unchangeable Law of God is the only standard by which mankind can see  clearly and judge rightly.

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