A Letter to Clare: Apologetics 101

In this five-part series on apologetics, Dr. Dick Jones provides a number of useful insights via a letter to Clare, a real person. Beyond its hoped-for impact on her life, this offering from the  Truth of God’s word was written so as to be equally useful for today’s Christian adults, the majority of whom have been philosophically enslaved to a faulty belief system. (This is part one of a five part series.)


This letter is very long and not nearly as exciting as a day at Disney World (to me it’s more exciting!) but, please give it a try. If someone had started sharing this information with me when I was 12, much of my life would not have been as purposeless as it’s been. Unfortunately, I was 55 (!) before I received the full story. When you get it – and I know you can – you’ll be an even finer young woman and citizen than you already are. If all 12 year olds and up understood this material, our country’s future would look a lot brighter. So, here goes:

For over 100 years, a few small but very powerful groups of deceived people in U.S. schools, colleges, the government, magazines, the movies – and more recently on TV, the internet and major media have – on purpose – used mind indoctrination, brainwashing and politics (all together it’s called “social engineering”) to harm us Americans with two big lies. First, that there is no truth, no absolute rights and wrongs and no transcendent moral rules. (Transcendent means outside of, better than and above human rules. It means God’s rules.) The second lie is that there is no God, or even if there is, He didn’t create us – evolution did.

I’m writing this because I don’t want their mind-programming plan to harm you. When your grandpa Bob was fighting with the U.S. Army in Viet Nam he protected himself with guns and ammo. I hope this letter will be a special kind of protective “guns and ammo” for you.     

Most people are OK with God, but, the powerful but deceived people I just underlined aren’t. So please be on guard. They’re angry at God and don’t want anyone else to like Him either, or even to believe in Him at all. Many blame Him that they weren’t born strong, good-looking, rich or smart enough. Others don’t like the Bible rules which seem to scold them for doing all the “fun” stuff they shouldn’t be doing. They feel guilty because they know God sees what’s going on. Some are angry because they say He doesn’t do enough to prevent wars, hunger, sickness, evil, floods, poverty and things like that. A few even think they’re better than God. But, almost all of them are little rebels (like spoiled kids) fighting against authority, especially God’s authority. They have other complaints too, but down deep their “reasons” are just one thing: Excuses.

You might say, “Well, that’s their problem,” and normally it wouldn’t matter, but too often they’re very influential people in those places I underlined in paragraph 2 – powerful places from which they’re able to try and get you to reject God just like they do. That’s so they’ll have plenty of company when they disobey. They also have access to a lot of political influence to harm you and your friends’ minds. They do it (often with money) by getting Washington politicians to pass laws against God using a dishonest interpretation of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I call their dishonest, anti-God plan the false “separation of church and state” game.

A different, separate group is also harming you although not exactly on purpose like the first. They do believe in God, but usually aren’t that much into church or the Bible. But, being sinners (like all of us!) they often feel guilty and are afraid their sins will keep them out of heaven when they die. So, they hope that if they do more good things in life than bad that God will let them in. Politics is the main tool in their “good works” plan and it works like this: In the months before elections and also on voting day they “show their compassion” by helping politicians who promise to pass laws that take tax money from one person to give for free to two or three others who might be poor or needy. These politicians are the kind that just love to get re-elected!

This might sound like compassion but it’s not. The Bible says it’s the church’s job to assist the needy, but every time politicians do it a culture of dependency happens, and those receiving the money grow lazy and stop helping themselves. Worse yet, they also vote for the exact same re-election-loving politicians that the “I need a ticket to heaven” voters do. This “two against one” set-up means there are two votes to your taxpaying dad’s one. It’s unfair when hardworking taxpayers like your dad have less money for their families and for churches that want to help the poor like they always did earlier in U.S. history. Sadly, most folks who think “compassion” in the voting booth will get them into heaven are in for a shock since their good works plan is not the Bible way. Both the “angry” and the “compassionate” people use your dad’s money and bad laws to try and deal with their own personal issues. But, please be especially on guard against the “angry” group # 1. They want to control your mind and soul more, even, than group # 2 wants your money. Group # 1 needs your company while they shake their fists at God.

As you get older you’ll be sharing ideas back and forth with many folks about careers, marriage, right and wrong, love, hopes, etc. – people who don’t realize how much they’ve been harmed by the two lies of no truth and no God. You’d like them to see that you’re a wise and thoughtful person, so the more you know about God’s rules, the legend of evolution and the epistemology lesson I have for you, the better friend you’ll be to them. I’ll start with epistemology, but don’t worry, it’s not complicated. You already know that biology is the study of living things (“bio”= life and “logy” is Latin for “study of.”) Epistemology is the study of knowledge. (In Latin, episteme =’s knowledge.) Professional scholars also call it the study of how we know what we know, and how it is that we’re able to know. Please memorize that definition – J.

You might be asking: “Aren’t knowing and thinking so automatic that they don’t even need any explaining?” Well, to protect you from harmful ideas it’s important to know if the person you’re speaking with has a base for thinking and knowing that comes God and the Bible or if the base is the “tadpoles to monkeys to you” theory of evolution. That’s because each one of us has the unwritten duty to account for (explain) why we have the ability to know and to think. You can compare it to a surgeon’s unwritten duty to let you know that his training and experience enables him to do good surgery. If he won’t or can’t explain then you probably won’t let him operate. Can you and I agree that good thinking and good knowing are just as important as good surgery? What you’re most often not told is that evolution doesn’t allow for any explanations about epistemology at all. As this letter goes along you’ll see why this fact is kept hidden from you.

If epistemology is so important, why is it still discussed by thousands of professors, intellectuals, scholars, etc. They keep asking. “Are people and brains created by God (which would explain why we can think and know) or does God not even exist?” Those who say He doesn’t also say that we and our brains came from somewhere else, and, you guessed it, evolution is their most popular answer. This needless (to me) debate is a big reason why the world is so messed up, with slipping standards and with too many people doing whatever they want, whenever they want. When God’s rules about morality (right and wrong) are canceled or ridiculed as they are in 2012, too many people start acting goofy. You can see this kind of bad behavior for yourself every night on TV news and in the make-believe TV action shows. It’s not a pretty sight.

Part 1 of 5


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