The New Challenge

For too long the Christian community has neglected a crucial component of Biblical education. While it is true that churches and seminaries have been educating since the Medieval ages through our modern time with fervor, it may not be the kind of education that Scripture commands.

Moses10commandments_color_lgWhat is Biblical Education?

Biblical Education is the process whereby individuals, both children and adults are taught Biblical principles in order to think God’s thoughts after Him, so as to apply them faithfully in every and all situations of life. This education must include God’s Law in its general precepts and each of His case Laws of the Old Testament.

Biblical Education is Goal and Future Oriented

Education is goal oriented as well as future oriented. Every aspect of education has an agenda. Every curriculum has a purpose, a goal.  Education is structured to accomplish a certain agenda. That agenda is either man centered or God centered.

scriptureChristian education must be Biblically centered and Theologically accurate. It must have the future of God’s Kingdom in view as well as the many generations which will come after the present one. Christian education trains the upcoming generation by giving them the Biblical tools for dominion. Educational agendas can either produce stagnation, by omitting the all important  aspect of application to a discipline, or it can encourage progress in advancing righteousness. The failure of Biblical education is not so much a neglect on teaching proper theological truths, but rather the failure is a result of neglecting the emphasis on how to apply that material to every area of life with a view to dominion.

Biblical education has everything to do with dominion. Through Biblical teaching doctrines are learned, understood, and embraced. Those concepts and case laws are then applied though intensive leadership training. Yet this leadership training is not to be thought of as something which stands apart form or alongside Biblical training, or a training which comes after the learning is completed.  On the contrary, leadership training is integrated into every fiber of the education process so there is no distinction between what is learned and how it is to be applied in the societal order.  Theological teaching which neglects the conscientious instruction on its cultural application produces pietistic individuals void of those leadership skills which are required to fulfill the Great Commission. Theological instruction cannot remain truncated nor relegated to the arena of religion, family or church life. It must be taught from a Dominion perspective.

Calin circleAt New Geneva we seek to provide a dominion platform which teaches the student what is necessary to combat the forces of Humanism and tyranny. Integrated into every course are the challenges of what to do to change the world with the information taught. Geneva is dedicated to cultural challenge for cultural change God-Ward, and it accomplishes this by focusing upon Applied Theology.


The Malady and The Cure

One of the challenges Christendom faces is visibility. It may seem odd that while Christianity, in some form or another, is in the majority in America, yet it remains on the defensive against the onslaught of wickedness. Obviously there is something very wrong .

Geneva teaches its students how to be heard amidst the noise of thousands of other voices with the Biblical Doctrines that made the European Reformation the most influential historical movement in the history of Western Civilization apart from the Coming of the Christ and the early church.

It teaches how to be proactive. It emphasizes how each student can be a determining factor in the culture God has providentially placed them in. Christians are called to be part of the cultural equation instead of sitting on the side-lines hoping for a Biblical leaders to come along. Geneva is bent upon training and grooming those leaders instead of encouraging them to wait for one.

What is Geneva’s Practical Philosophy?

1. Get into warfarethe battle. Begin to compete with the assumptions and ideologies of Humanism wherever it exists. This means that the governing official as well as the clergy need to be challenged along with the common folk.

2. Learn how to re-focus the community. Since people are generally distracted and not very well grounded in the Truth, Geneva students are taught to re-align the local community through those that will listen. By re-focusing the community each student can bring the people to critical mass on any given topic. It is through this re-focusing via educating and challenging that change begins.

3. Get Connected. The students at Geneva are encouraged to connect and network with other students and like minded people in order to set a plan in motion.

4. Solve problems – don’t whine about them. At Geneva we seek to solve the problems of society. Whining and complaining about what is wrong with the community or the nation solves nothing. What Christian higher learning organization ought to be focusing on is how to change the culture through solving problems Biblically. This is a leadership challenge that can only be successfully met through the application of Scripture to every element of civilization.

These are just a few examples of New Geneva’s practical philosophy. This must become the new model for all Christ Centered institutions if America is to see a reformation and liberation from the approaching storm of tyranny and persecution.


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