The Most Valuable Resource

CeltThe most valuable resource for every endeavor is passion. While it is absolutely essential to have individuals who are skilled, smart, creative and diligent, passion is that underlying power that gives all of these other components their worth. It is passion which carves out and elevates some individuals from others. Passion is the essence of leadership. It is that one quality that is identifiable in people simply by talking to them.

When God calls His people to His kingdom’s work, not only does He empower them by His Spirit, he instills in them as passionate hunger to advance His Holy cause. It is only after instilling them with that desire that He trains them. He begins with inward passion and works from there outward.

harvard-logoAccording to Harvard’s Business Review the world is looking for talented people. It is mad for it. The people most sort after are those with a special mix of natural ability and a passionate attitude about their work. But isn’t this what the church needs as well – and more so? Doesn’t the greatest and most important institution on earth, God’s ekklesia, need people with that mix of natural ability, which is shaped by supernatural means, and a passion for the Glory of God? If so, then why is She settling for less? Why are we settling for less – especially in ourselves?

A Divine Talent Search

If the Kingdom is going to be advanced in our life-time we need to find passionate saints who are willing to be trained as competent leaders. This passion is not man-made. It can, however, be developed in those that already have it as a mustard seed. This passion is what secular psychologist call “intrinsic motivation.” This is entirely a Biblical principle.

Motivation is everything. People are controlled by what motivates them, or what doesn’t. It is the driving force of the human race and it uncovers the true meaning behind every action. What the secular ‘shrinks’ fail to understand is that intrinsic motivation is the result of man’s inmost desire. Either it will be humanistic or it will be God-ward. What the Church desperately needs is divine intrinsic motivation if it is to fulfill its calling.

The Purpose of the Call

God identifies each of His called by certain criteria by which He can encourage and strengthen the Church to go out into the world advancing His Kingdom by taking righteous dominion over the institutions of civilization.

First, He providentially grants these individuals certain skills and positions, and then He calls them by instilling in them the Spirit’s passion (i.e. that divine intrinsic motivation) so that they may fill His holy purpose in those areas to the Church and in the world. Each saint is tapped to fulfill a special purpose according to their talents.

ScipioSecond, through Biblical training these individuals are then refined and their abilities strengthened. These abilities consist of theological wisdom and understanding, character refinement, dominion creativity, and the ability to lead others. Perhaps you might say that God is building a Leadership Factory of wise and talented individuals with a passion for establishing the Crown rights of King Jesus in every realm of the created order.

Christ’s Leadership Factory

Each of the apostles became leaders. In turn, their students became leaders as well. They were all called to be fishers of men. That was their purpose. Each was to spread the gospel and make disciples of every nation. They were commanded to fulfill the dominion mandate of Genesis 1:28-29 by way of the New Testament Great Commission. Today’s Christians are given the same task.

The Biblical Model @ New Geneva

ThCalvin colore College of New Geneva is based upon a paradigm of leadership action coupled with Theological academic scholarship. The Christian army must be smart. They must be wise in knowledge and understanding. But they must also be able to craft practical strategies which can be used effectively in the real world. Since the Christian battle does not exist in a vacuum the saints must take the battle to the street where the war rages.

At Geneva, we have a core competitive advantage. We educate passionate Legion1individuals to become productive leaders in the dominion mandate call. They, in turn, educate others who also become leaders so that they too can educate leaders to advance the cause of Righteousness, ad infinitum. Each of these educated leaders is trained to bring about results. For those who are serious about the execution of the dominion mandate Geneva has the strategies.


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