The Genevan Alternative

warfareChristians who are seriously considering changing the “IS” to the “Ought” must count the cost. This is true for every endeavor but never so much as when the call is Christ’s.  Once these costs are considered there must be a realization that a certain type of committed passion also must be in place. Without passion for the vision of a Christian community the effort will fail. Vitality and a strong emotional commitment is essential. However there is one other component necessary – education.

Since so many pulpits have abandoned the aspect of teaching from the pulpit, Christians are left without the real meat of the Word of God. Without the tools for the comprehensive application of the great commission Christians remain defenseless against the onslaught of Humanism. While this is bad enough congregations are reduced to “pew warmers” by being deprived of an offensive strategy whereby they can take dominion over those areas of society that Christ has called them to.

The Spirit Filled Warrior

God calls His people to be well equipped for the battle. He commands them to be clothed with the armor of the Word of God according to Ephesians 6. He also calls them to be filled with knowledge, understanding, wisdom and skill. Without these components success is futile. Consider the list.


As a result of redemption God grants His saints the means to knowledge. Knowledge does not come by osmosis. It is gained through the study of God’s Revelation. By it men learn the truth and are able to distinguish between good and evil. Yet knowledge alone is dangerous since it leads to pride and arrogance. Knowledge is not understanding and therefore not beneficial by itself.


Understanding insinuates that after learning the basics of God’s Word, the individual then understands the ramifications250px-Saint_Augustine_by_Philippe_de_Champaigne of it. By the Grace of God the saints learn that knowledge and understanding are not to be divided. They work together and can only work together if they are to be profitable. Understating is knowing what God’s Relational knowledge is intended for.


Next comes wisdom. This is the application of the Word. It is knowing ‘how’ Knowledge and Understanding are applied to the real world. Wisdom teaches how to apply the precepts of God’s
Law-Word to men and nations. Knowing how to do something does not necessary enable the individual the means to actually do it. That requires skill.


Skill is the actual ability to carry out a tactical strategy or task. It is the performance of a thing usually according to expert  capabilities. I can know the rules of the chess game. I can know what each piece means, and does. I can even understand how to move them on the chess board and play the game. But that does not automatically give me the skill to play effectively or successfully. It certainly does not ,in and of itself, give me the ability to be a champion. That only comes by developing the skill.

All of these component are essential and must work together if the Kingdom of God is to be advanced. Bible schools and colleges no longer accomplish this. Neither do the churches. What we need is an alternative to the apostasy which has pervaded our so-called Theological institutions. What is needed is a new paradigm – a new model- which is not at all new but simply forgotten. I believe New Geneva is the answer to Christendom’s dilemma.

The Semester Strategy at new Geneva

Divinity LibraryFor first year students at New Geneva we recommend the following courses all of which set up a Biblical foundation of World View Studies. These studies enable the student to rightly analyze the various disciplines of the cultural order from a Scriptural vantage point. The lessons are given via correspondence with interactive discussions with each professor monitoring the course. For each course a series of lectures are issued along with several reading assignments initially focusing on educating for knowledge and understanding of the topic, and then for wisdom and skill in leadership application of the material taught.

In the second semester Geneva moves the student to focus on a theological tract. This includes courses in Systematic Theology and apologetics all of which are taught with a view to apply them to the cultural order.

Within the first year of study each student becomes very well versed in both the details of the disciplines studied and how they can be effectively executed in the world. This means that by way of discussion and study the student is challenged to think “Kingdom Advancement” in concrete terms.

Geneva goes beyond abstractionism. Each professor draws out of the student a real strategy for Biblical Reconstructionjohn-calvin-37-150x150 which is to them be actually executed in the realm of God’s world. This is where Geneva is likened to an internship where the student gets hands-on encouragement and training for the tasks of Cultural transformation. We impress upon each student that they have a divine responsibility before God to get something done. That is their duty and they will be held answerable to that call. Geneva can assist in that realization


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