Leadership is not…

Leadership is not something that is transferred genetically. It is not something that is gained by virtue of some birthright or tenure. It cannot be bought nor can it be stolen. Leadership must be taught, developed and then practiced every moment of every day.

ScipioLeadership development is a combination of knowledge, understanding, method and practice. While some people seem to be “natural leaders” they still need training to hone those natural skills. Like the refinement of a raw material, the dross of those “natural” tendencies of leadership must be purified. This takes time. Most of all it takes effort.

Mostly, leadership is about action. It is about the application of knowledge to the many aspects of life. It is the exercise of wisdom so as to make a positive lasting change. Leadership is primarily seen by others by an outward example. It is not what a man says that makes him a leader, it is what a man does that establishes him as such.

Leadership is also about effective communication. It is based upon the ability to reach others by first listening and only then commenting. Leaders are to engage in ongoing conversations in order to spur others to deep consideration of the issues at hand. Leadership is not only waiting for opportunity to engage it is making those opportunities a reality. Engagement of the community with ethical integrity so as to really expose the root causes of particular problems is what is needed in today’s Christian community.

A Simple Tactic

Go to into your local community each day and engage people one by one in relevant hot topic discussions. Then, stand back and analyze their response before you comment. Be sure that you have first established some friendly association with them. Only then will they be willing to listen. Only then will they regard you as trustworthy. Only then can you impact their worldview. Only then will change take place. Start developing that today.


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