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Geneva’s Opportunity

Divinity LibraryThe New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy has a once in a life-time opportunity to increase its library by approx 10,000+ books, but it first needs to expand its facility.

Providentially, God has opened a door whereby the building next door to the College is available. This would provide Geneva with 2 floors of library space and an entire parking lot adjacent to the already existing Geneva building. Since Geneva refuses to be indebted to the the banking system to fund any of their projects they are asking the Christian community to help.

We only need to raise $50,000. for the purchase!

If you would like to be a part of this project please send your tax deductible donation made out to ITR (The Institute For Theonomic Reformation) PO Box 778 Appomattox VA 24522.

Donations of $500 or more will receive a copy of Dr. Ed Payne’s book “Biblical Healing for Modern Medicine”. Donations of $1000. or more will receive a copy Steve Halbrook’s very important hardcover book “God is Just”.

For more information please contact Rev Paul Michael Raymond at: of call (434) 941-1895.


New Courses & Catolog Slotted for 2014

Geneva is presently working on several new courses for the 2014 semester year.

1. Andrea Schwartz has put together a series of courses for Home Schooling moms and those that are preparing to Home School. Upon the successful completion of the course tract the student will be certified by the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy College. This effort will not only assist Home Educating parents in the proper teaching of their children, but it may serve as a buffer against statist encroachment in those geographical areas where certain certifications are needed to Home Teach.

Antique library2. Mr Joaquin Fernandez, co-producer of INDOCTRINATION: THE MOVIE, is offering a college level course in film making and analysis. His course confers 3 college credits at $75/credit. It does have however a re-requistie course in World view studies which he requires before taking the course. This comprehensive World View 101, Advancing the Kingdom course is given at New Geneva and confers 3 credits at a cost of $75/credit.

3. Daniel and Joshua Horn from Discerning History are on board with us here at New Geneva and have just competed a 3 part DVD series on the Civil War. Students desiring to dig into the history and philosophy behind the War of Aggression, as it is sometimes called by those in the South, can earn college credits by enrolling in this series. The course credits have not yet been determined.  Coming in 2014.

4. Our pdf catalog is also being edited since there have been so may new courses added making our old catalog already obsolete. Watch for it to be added to our home page at