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Economic Meltdown – It’s Coming

Although the sinful love of money is the root of all evil, money  is nevertheless the tool that must be used to secure Christian families and advance the Kingdom of Christ.  Governments know what money is and how to use it – most Christians do not. As a result, the study of economics is placed last on the Christian’s list of interests other than the simple spending of money and paying of bills.

If there was ever a time when Christians needed to understand money, and what is happening to money in the United States and the world through gross debt and inflation, the time is now.

25 million Zimbabwean dollars = $1 US - This pile of money worth $100 US

Money and stewardship go hand in hand. The Scriptures speak volumes about money, its nature and its proper use. Still, Christians are ignorant of its nature, Biblical purpose and how it is the key to Righteous dominion.

Günter Schmölder once noted

“With inflation alone,  a government can extinguish debt without repayment or wage war and engage in other nonproductive activities on a large scale: it is not recognized as a tax.”

We are already in the midst of a terrible inflationary period that is effecting every aspect of our social order, from the price of gasoline to the price of food. With the coming of American hyper-inflation the situation is going to be worse.

Considering this, the words of Adam Fergusson are haunting.

“In [Germany’s] hyperinflation[period -1920’s], a kilo of potatoes was worth more than the family silver. A prostitute in the family was better than an infant corpse; theft was preferable to starvation; warmth was finer than honor; clothing more essential than democracy; food more needed than freedom.”

The New Geneva Chrisitan Leadership Academy is concerned with the turn of events in the American Economic system and offers introductory courses in economics, and advanced stewardship, to prepare Chirst’s people for what is soon to come. To be forwarded is to be forearmed.

New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy


Family Economics Conference 2011 Update

In a series of lectures and workshops during Kevin Swanson’s March 2011 “Family Economic Conference”, the focus was upon family stewardship and its unity of purpose. One of the most misunderstood aspects of life, especially in the Christian realm, seems to be economics.

Economics is central to every aspect of life. Everyone trades something for something else. Life is comprised of trade-offs. We trade time for money, and money for things. Life is all about determining which trade is the better bargain. This is called trading at the margin.

New Geneva was represented at the Conference amidst the Chalcedon Book Table since New Geneva uses many of Dr. R.J. Rushdoony’s work as textbooks.

In this time of economic fear it is fitting to have a conference on the family’s economic responsibly and its security. It is also fitting to highlight courses and programs which prepare individuals and families for the rough times ahead. And so, to better prepare families and individuals for what may be the worst economic crisis of our time, New Geneva offers a wide range of courses in Economics, Stewardship and Business.

But studies on economics is not the real beginning point. Economic stewardship begins with proper Christian character.Without a proper Christ-centered focus all the studies in economics will avail nothing. Therefore along with every course tract at New Geneva the course on “Christian Character” is mandated.

PTR THEO VI – Christian Character  (PTR 200)
This course is designed for every Geneva student.
Requirements: Each student must show an in-depth understanding of the material presented and must be able to show forth the fruit of their study.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond
Correspondence/Independent Study
Course Fee: $225 (3 credit Hours @$75/hr)

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Virginia Looks at an Alternative to the Dollar

The buck stops here? Virginia eyes switching off dollar Cites ‘inevitable destruction of the Federal Reserve System’s currency’
Posted: February 01, 2011 8:42 pm Eastern

Kelly O’Meara © 2011 WorldNetDaily

Virginia Delegate Robert G. Marshall

WASHINGTON – Virginia state Delegate Robert G. Marshall has introduced legislation to study whether the Commonwealth should make the preparations now to switch suddenly to an alternative currency in the event of an implosion of the Federal Reserve System and the destruction of the dollar.

House Joint Resolution 557 is another piece of a growing movement among state legislators who are concerned about the dollar’s demise. Ten states have considered similar bills, recommending a return to some form of a commodity-based currency, using either silver or gold.

How to fight socialism? The prescription is Joseph Farah’s “Taking America Back”

Marshall’s Resolution 557 offers a list of worst-case scenarios to support the need for such a study, including:

* “Many widely recognized experts predict the inevitable destruction of the Federal Reserve System’s currency through hyperinflation in the foreseeable future.

* “In the event of hyperinflation, depression, or other economic calamity related to the breakdown of the Federal Reserve System, for which the Commonwealth is not prepared, the Commonwealth’s governmental finances and Virginia’s private economy will be thrown into chaos…”

* To avoid economic, social and political shocks Virginia can adopt an “alternative sound currency that the Commonwealth’s government and citizens may employ without delay inthe event of the destruction of the Federal Reserve System’s currency.”

“Inevitable destruction,” “economic calamity” and “chaos” are not words used lightly when considering the fate of the nation’s currency.

Marshall chose them for good reason and tells WND, “I read the financial pages and I see the coverup that the Obama administration is engaging in, eliminating the cost of food and energy from CPI to fool the public (about the rate of inflation), and the fact that China is seeking to become an international currency and Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and China have all met to discuss this possibility.”

Read more: The buck stops here? Virginia eyes switching off dollar

The European Crisis: The Next Phase

I have been subscribing to Dr. Gary North’s Email Newsletters since 1998. I have never been disappointed, nor have I ever been misled. For those of you who do not know of Dr. North’s expertise, it is in the area of Biblical Economics. He is very knowledgeable. But it is not his knowledge that makes him so unique; it is his ability to apply that knowledge to the real world.

For anyone that is interested in what God is doing, in light of His divine chastisement and judgment upon many nations in the economic realm, you must read North’s work. A reading of North will also assist you in the necessary preparations you need to make in light of the reality of what lies ahead.

The following posting is the Sept 14th issue of his “Reality Check” newsletter. Don’t beleive the media when they tell you we are coming out of a recession – the truth is; it has only just begun.
“The European banks are still in deep trouble. They are being protected only by the ability of the politicians of the PIIGS to persuade the public that they will be able to maintain interest payments in the near term.

Investors care nothing about long-term prospects. They assume that they can sell bad bonds to the next group of naive investors. Each group assumes that those who follow will be suckers. They regard themselves as sophisticated investors who know what will happen and who will be able to unload the bonds on really stupid investors.This is known historically as greater-fool investing. It always prevails in the final stages of a bubble.

Last May, I wrote of the crisis in Greek government financing that we should not expect much from the Prime Minister’s assurances that there would be tight austerity measures imposed on the nation, especially its government sector. In an article titled, “PIIGS Win. Bankers Win. Voters Lose,” I wrote:

As for cutbacks in Greek spending, ho, ho, ho. As for austerity in Southern Europe, ha, ha, ha. Once you owe the banks up north a trillion dollars, you will get the politicians up north to sell more debt, so that you can meet your interest payments to their banks, and then sell more debt at low rates.

Debt will rise. That is the inescapable reality of moral hazard. Bank profits will go on, because bank losses are transferred to sovereign governments. Nothing has changed. The same old system rolls on.

On September 10, Greek trade unions began organizing another wave of riots in preparation for a speech by the Prime Minister. On September 11, the riots began — a Saturday. One British source recorded that at least 20,000 demonstrators marched to the conference center where the PM was giving his speech. The police used tear gas against the crowd.

The Prime Minister announced a reduction in the tax rate for businesses from 24% to 20%. He also promised to privatize the electricity company.

The country must reduce its deficit from almost 14% of GDP in 2009 to 8% this year. This, to put it bluntly, is impossible. Everyone knows it’s impossible. Nevertheless, he announced: “I have every confidence that, by the end of the year . . . we will have achieved the 40% reduction of deficit.”

“The [shortfall] in revenues is about 1.5 billion euros,” he said. “But with the pace at which we are advancing and with the measures we have already taken, we are confident we will reach the goal we have set for 2010.”

Budget figures released on Friday suggest that, despite various measures taken by authorities, tax revenues increased by only 3.3% in the eight months to August, well behind the 13.7% target for this year. On the positive side, however, public spending for that period fell by 12%, more than double the 5.8% target for end-2010.

He also assured his listeners that there is no need for further austerity measures. He also assured them that the measures already taken will produce a positive response from Western lenders.

Not if they have read Michael Lewis’s article in “Vanity Fair” (Oct. 1), “Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds.”


Lewis became famous for his book on Wall Street, “Liar’s Poker.” His book, “The Blind Side,” told the story of a Memphis youth who was taken in by a Christian family, and from there made it into the National Football League. The movie pulled in a quarter of a billion dollars in American theaters, and won Sandra Bullock an Oscar.
Now he goes after Greek government finances. It is a story like nothing I have ever read about chicanery.

The are 11 million people in Greece. The nation has run up an operational deficit of $400 billion, plus a government pension fund obligation of $800 billion. That’s $1.2 trillion. This, for a nation with a population smaller than Los Angeles. This is a debt of $250,000 for every Greek.

“Our people went in and couldn’t believe what they found,” a senior I.M.F. official told me, not long after he’d returned from the I.M.F.’s first Greek mission. “The way they were keeping track of their finances — they knew how much they had agreed to spend, but no one was keeping track of what he had actually spent. It wasn’t even what you would call an emerging economy. It was a Third World country.”

This is a nation that entered the European Currency Union as an equal a decade ago. This means that banks around the world have bought the bonds of a nation that cannot possibly repay the loans.
This week, an IMF commission is in Greece to look over the books. There seems to be no concern in international markets. His summary of the degree of mismanagement and universal corruption leaves the reader stunned.

The national railroad system generates revenues of 100 million euros. Its wage bill is 400 million, plus 300 million in other expenses. The average railway employee earns 65,000 euros a year.

The public school system is among the worst in Europe, but it employs four times as many teachers per student as Finland, the nation with the best system.

Then there is retirement. For arduous occupations, the retirement age is 55 for men; it is 50 for women. “As this is also the moment when the state begins to shovel out generous pensions, more than 600 Greek professions somehow managed to get themselves classified as arduous: hairdressers, radio announcers, waiters, musicians, and on and on and on.”

Then there is the tax collection system. Almost no self-employed worker pays income taxes. Physicians accept cash only. Two-thirds of them report only 12,000 euros per year, on which no taxes are owed. One whistle-blower told Lewis that if the law were enforced, every physician in Greece would go to jail.
The easiest way to launder cash was to buy real estate. Conveniently for the black market — and alone among European countries — Greece has no working national land registry. “You have to know where the guy bought the land — the address — to trace it back to him,” says the collector. “And even then it’s all handwritten and hard to decipher.” But, I say, if some plastic surgeon takes a million in cash, buys a plot on a Greek island, and builds himself a villa, there would be other records — say, building permits. “The people who give the building permits don’t inform the Treasury,” says the tax collector.

And so it goes, in every field. Only salaried people pay the income tax.

As for bribery, it is universal. If someone gets caught cheating, he pays a small fine. One of the two whistle- blowers who spoke with him turned in a company that had earned 15 million euros. It paid no taxes. The whistle- blower was demoted. The firm paid a fine of 2,000 euros.

The man had evidence of so many similar cases that Lewis stopped him. It would take all night to view them.
In Athens, I several times had a feeling new to me as a journalist: a complete lack of interest in what was obviously shocking material. I’d sit down with someone who knew the inner workings of the Greek government: a big-time banker, a tax collector, a deputy finance minister, a former M.P. I’d take out my notepad and start writing down the stories that spilled out of them. Scandal after scandal poured forth. Twenty minutes into it I’d lose interest. There were simply too many: they could fill libraries, never mind a magazine article.

This is the nation that persuaded the world’s most sophisticated investors to lend it hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Greek government bonds at Germany’s interest rates. Nobody bothered to check the books. There were no books to check.

The man in charge of totaling up the bill last fall, when the new government came into power, could not get the accounts for a week. Every day, there were new revelations. One government pension fund was running a deficit of a $1 billion a year. There was no record of it. It was off-budget. In one week, the annual deficit went from 7 billion euros to 30 billion. No one had ever counted it before.

Lewis’s summary is persuasive.

The structure of the Greek economy is collectivist, but the country, in spirit, is the opposite of a collective. Its real structure is every man for himself. Into this system investors had poured hundreds of billions of dollars. And the credit boom had pushed the country over the edge, into total moral collapse.

Will the Greek government default? He doesn’t answer directly, but indirectly, it is clear that he thinks it will. He sees this as a moral collapse. He does not try to argue that it is possible for the government to avoid default. The more interesting question, he says, if whether the Greeks can reform themselves. He ends his article with this.

It behaves as a collection of atomized particles, each of which has grown accustomed to pursuing its own interest at the expense of the common good. There’s no question that the government is resolved to at least try to re-create Greek civic life. The only question is: Can such a thing, once lost, ever be re-created?
The moral collapse is only marginally related to the willingness of voters to look out for their own interests. The moral collapse came when voters trusted governments to tell them the truth. Voters trusted government promises to fund the majority in old age at the expense of the rich. This is a widespread moral collapse.
Default will follow. “The wicked borroweth and payeth not again” (Psalm 37:21).


Lewis’s article shows in scary terms the extent of the chicanery and corruption of Greek civil life. But it is clear that all modern governments are heading for the Great Default. All of them play games with their versions of Social Security and Medicare. The accounting systems of all modern nations are exercises in deception of the public. Everyone inside the top echelon of governments know this. This has been written about in the intelligentsia’s media for years.

There is no political will to resist the voters, who want something for nothing. There is no willingness of voters to listen to the truth. The politician in any nation who trots out the figures and says, “There will be a default,” loses at the next election.

The problem is universal. The deferral of dealing with it is well-developed. We are told in the United States that the system can be saved with just a few minor adjustments. Congress never makes these minor adjustments. Why not? Because they are not minor. They are politically suicidal.

Just now the global financial system is consumed with the question of whether the Greeks will default on their debts. At times it seems as if it is the only question that matters, for if Greece walks away from $400 billion in debt, then the European banks that lent the money will go down, and other countries now flirting with bankruptcy (Spain, Portugal) might easily follow. But this question of whether Greece will repay its debts is really a question of whether Greece will change its culture, and that will happen only if Greeks want to change.

The error of the article is to single out the Greeks as if they were fundamentally different from the voters in the rest of the industrial West. They aren’t. They are just farther down what Lewis correctly calls the road to perdition.

The European banks are creditors to a government that completely bamboozled them. The bankers look like fools, which they surely are. They are also creditors to governments of only marginally more solvent governments. They are trapped.

The reality is this: the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund intervened in May to put up more credit because they believed that a Greek default would undermine the credibility of the banking system.

None of this matters in the opinion of Western lenders. They have extended so much credit to governments that will default that they do not bother to attempt to escape. There is no escape hatch. There are no buyers. So, they pretend, as Greece pretended for a decade, that the debt system is not smoke and mirrors. Anyone who blows the whistle threatens the entire system. Such a person will find his career ended.

No one wants to believe any of this, any more than Greek voters want to believe it. If it really is true, then a Great Default is coming. The banks will be left holding IOUs from bankrupt governments. So, central banks will inflate to save the largest banks.

But at some point, reality will intrude. The central bankers will have to decide: do they want monetary stabilization, interest rates doubling or tripling, government defaults, and worldwide depression? Or do they want hyperinflation? If the can save the largest banks, they will stabilize. Hyperinflation destroys the economic system.

Governments can nationalize central banks, turning their nations into Zimbabwe. This has not happened to any peacetime Western nation since the aftermath of World War II, and only in the defeated nations.

Ludwig von Mises called hyperinflation the crack-up boom. It is a destructive force. But the alternative is an open default. Politicians fear this. If they nationalize the central banks and force them to buy government bonds, we will bet the crack-up boom.


Greece is the tip of the iceberg — a Mediterranean iceberg. There is no way that the government will not default. But investors want to believe obvious lies today and face reality tomorrow. They are just like voters and politicians. ” G. North
If you are interested in a practical Biblical approach of preparation for the coming economic crisis, you can subscribe to my 6 part economic report for $14.95. Email me at

Abolish the Public Schools

While many still hold to the ‘sacred cow’ idealism of the public (Government) school (indoctrination) system, the fact is that it is a tool of Godless propaganda which will lead to the destruction of the culture. Oops. I think it already has led to that destruction.

Nevertheless, the lessons taught in government schools have been very effective in demoralizing the American population into thinking (among many other destructive untrue things) that we, the human race, have ‘descended’ ( or are we really ascending ?) from the apes, visa vis the hoax of Darwinian evolution. More on that at another time.

For now I want to share with you the evils of the government schools from an economic vantage point. In an article taken from Gary North posted recently at Covenant the author argues dollars and cents, that keeping the public schools open makes no sense.

This [the abolishing of the public schools] will not be done. It will not be done because Americans do not really want major spending cuts. To demonstrate my point, let us consider America’s sacred cow, tax-funded education. According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s Factbook, the United States spends about 5.3% of gross domestic product each year on education. If that estimate is accurate, this means about $750 billion a year. The United Nations estimate places the figure of 5.7% of GDP. That would mean expenditures in the range of $800 billion a year. If we assume that about 80% of these expenditures are funded by governments at various levels, we are talking something in the range of $600–$650 billion a year.

Read the rest of the article here:

If you would like assistance in home educating your children or are in need of college level courses taught by proven accredited Christian professionals, please consider a Biblical Alternative to what the “world” has to offer; The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy. Affordable college and high school level courses now available via correspondence or on campus. Visit us @ New

The Great Chinese Meltdown

God’s Word is both TRUTH, and declares what is true. The Scriptures do not lie. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap…” This is a principle fact. But it is a universal and comprehensive fact in that it pertains to all areas of life – even the market place.

Several months ago I offered 6 Economic Reports ( approx. 60 pages) dealing with the inevitable meltdown of the U.S. economy and how to survive its ravages. The reports contained historical information, links and resources that many are unaware of and much practical directives. The six reports sold for $14.95. I received 12 subscriptions.

For whatever reason, many who believed it unnecessary to read these reports probably also thought that they were either immune from the coming crisis, or well informed as to the coming crisis, and thus were already prepared for it.

Vitaliy Katsenelson, in his article “You are not as smart as you think you are”,  rightly declares, “Feeling smart makes you do the opposite of what you should be doing.” The fact remains, most of middle class America is in financial trouble. What is outrageous is that a majority of Chirstian Americans, despite the warnings in God’s Word, are also in desperate trouble.

We have recently witnessed the European meltdown in Greece. Sadly much of the American population refuses to beleive that the European meltdown is coming to America. Rest assured it is coming. The human race is not facing a Europena meltdon, but rather a Global meltdown as a result of un-Biblical and rebellious economic, monetary stewardship.

Even with the high rate of unemployment and American debt it seems as if it is business as usual and the money will always be there. It will not. The recession is not over. The recession has only begun to reve its engines of destruction.

Consider the most recent development. China. Seen by many to be economically solid, and the most productive nation on the global economic scene. It is now showing its true situation, and that situation is foreboding. Fractional reserve banking, massive debt through uncontrolled and un-Biblical borrowing, fiat money creation are all wreaking havoc upon the nations of the world.

The Chinese economic is now faced with their own gigantic buble. The reprint of Gary North’s comments on Vitaliy Katsenelson’s piece are enlightening to say the least. I thought it proper to give our readers a heads up.

April 24, 2010

Here is the site: A great title. Easy to remember.

The creator/editor is Vitaliy N. Katsenelson. I had never heard of him before this week. That is my fault, not his.

He thinks straight. He is a no-nonsense “capitalist pig,” as he calls himself.

I have argued that China will crash. I have come to this conclusion through Austrian economic analysis. He has concluded the same thing through more traditional capital theory. The government is propping up the economy, but it is wasting money/capital on an historic scale, given the small size of the economy (a small fraction of ours).

He wrote an article last month for the Christian Science Monitor. It’s posted here.

He calls China’s economy a superbubble. I agree with him. Neither of us knows when it will pop. It will be a disaster when it does.

But what about the high economic growth? He and I agree: the government is lying. In the mid-1960s, I studied the Soviet economy. I wrote a chapter on it for my book, Marx’s Religion of Revolution (1968). That was when I concluded that the statistics were fake. There was enough evidence to indicate this. The statistics remained fake until 1989, when the economy collapsed. Only one economist called it, late in the process (1987): Judy Shelton.

I think the Chinese government is imitating the Soviet Union, on a much grander scale.

There is going to be a great stock market buying opportunity in China, assuming the society does not self-destruct in riots and secession, which is possible. Today, it’s the highest-risk economy on earth.

He has produced a PowerPoint presentation. These 20 pages are worth reading. Here, you will learn of the second largest mall on earth. It has been open since 2005. It is 99% empty. The largest mall is in Dubai. Now, that’s a one-two punch!

China – The Mother of All Black Swans – By Vitaliy Katsenelson

If you are interested in my 6 part economic reports they are still available. It is time to take some action. There is still some time left. That time is fading quickly. Contact

Coram Deo

A Case for Calculus on the Farm

For those of you who like mathematics, consider how calculus could benefit any small farm or business. It would improve the quality and profitability of the operations. On our farm, we could watch more details, collect more data, understand the data more thoroughly with algebraic equations, and then optimize the variables for cost and quality with simple calculus. A slow implementation of these ideas is reasonable and also a beautiful implementation of the Biblical view of mathematics, diligence, and excellence.

The inventor of Calculus, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) home schooled himself in math under a mentor after becoming a lawyer. The driving force behind his work was his view that God made the world in the best way it could have been made. Voltaire wrote a popular cartoon which criticized Leibniz on this optimism, focusing on the pain and suffering in the world. In his book titled, Theodicy, Leibniz wrote on the goodness of God, the freedom of man and the origin of evil, and the conformity of faith with reason. He was “incapable of looking at the objects of any special enquiry without seeing them as aspects or parts of one intelligible universe.” Leibniz thought of God as a mathematician. “He conceives God in the creation of the world like a mathematician who is solving a minimum problem – the question being to determine among an infinite number of possible worlds, that for which the sum of necessary evil is a minimum.”

Leibniz never married and was busy making major contributions to the world of mathematics, physics, social science and theology, but he wasn’t perfect. He wrote, “I cannot tell you how extraordinarily distracted and spread out I am. I am trying to find various things in the archives; I look at old papers and hunt up unpublished documents. From these I hope to shed some light on the history of the [House of] Brunswick. I receive and answer a huge number of letters. At the same time, I have so many mathematical results, philosophical thoughts, and other literary innovations that should not be allowed to vanish that I often do not know where to begin.” Sounds like a home school and perhaps a sign of greatness!

So just how could calculus be helpful on a small farm or any business, and worth studying? Here is a simple example. Based on our farm data, for us to grow x broiler chickens, it costs C = $862 + $6.67x. The derivative of this equation (the slope of the line) shows that the feed and labor cost for each additional boiler chicken is $6.67. That was calculus.

Business profit equals the income minus the costs or P(x) = I(x) – C(x) = $10x – ($862 +$6.67x). Since this is a linear equation, increasing sales and lowering costs are the ways to maximize profits. Looking at the slope of this line, dP(x)/dx = $10-$6.67 = $3.33. This is the business income per chicken after all expenses including labor are paid. That was calculus again. Collecting more precise data would require non-linear equations, which then could be optimized using simple calculus techniques. Unknowns (U) and acts of God (A) can be factored into the equations using Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart deviseth his way; but the Lord directeth his steps” (U+A).

How much more money might be earned or saved if we did use calculus on the farm? I estimate the increase in earnings is the difference between the linear equation and non-linear equation of y = x and y = x1.05 In practical terms, that would lead us to sell 800 chickens where we would have sold 600 or 1400 chickens where we would have sold 1000 chickens, with the corresponding increased profit. In other terms, the breakeven point for a course in calculus would be equal to the business profit from 129 chickens, which would take two months to raise by a hired hand, with a return on investment over 5 years of $6000, at 1400 broilers per year, as compared to the profit earned without applying calculus. Therefore, it is a financial advantage to learn and apply calculus to every day business, just as we would expect, since God created the universe with mathematical order and it is our honour to search that out and put that knowledge to work.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.” Galileo Galilei

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. Col 1:15-17

I mentioned the profitability of calculus to my chicken farming 18 year old son and he thought that it would be worth hiring an industrial engineer to do the calculus for him! A good idea, but not as satisfying as thinking some of God’s mathematical thoughts after him, experiencing a touch of His excellence, and seeing the increase result from His hand. Perhaps this deeper appreciation is like the difference between buying eggs and producing your own eggs. The gain is also in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of how to acknowledge God in more of the details.

Dr. James Bartlett

James Bartlett is the Executive Director of the North Dakota Home School Association and the Biblical Concourse of Home Universities. He teaches “Calculus That Only Christians Can Do” for the Concourse, The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, and the Newton Institute for the Reformation of Science and Engineering. Dr. Bartlett is on the Board of Directors at New Geneva. He and his wife Lynn home school three boys and home college one son on a small farm in the Turtle Mountains. They can be reached at 701-263-4574. Lynn blogs about their family activities at

If you would like to sign up for any of Dr. Bartlett’s courses, or any other studies at the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, please contact: or call: 434.352.2667.