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God’s Wrath Kindled Against the Ungodly Statist Schools

California Governor Signs Landmark Law to Teach Gay History
Thursday, July 14, 2011 The Associated Press

The California ruling by Governor Brown should not surprise any Christian. This was coming. It was inevitable. However, we Christians need to look at this ruling from God’s vantage point. This perversion of law is an open judgment upon what we have known to be an anti-christian institution all along – the statist schools.

Since it is God who orchestrates all things, and all things work together for the advancement of His Kingdom, this ruling, allowing one of the most perverse practices into the schools, is actually an open manifestation of God’s wrath upon the schools. Even the wicked know it. ( They suppress the truth in unrighteousness, but they know that they are in deep, deep trouble intuitively – i.e. subconsciously.  (Let them rejoice. It will turn to mourning soon enough)

This major crack in the entire school system is cause for our rejoicing. God is dealing the death blow to one of the most insidious enemies of Christendom and the families of each Christian household – the statist schools.

We who have been obedient to His Covenant commission to Christo-centrically educate our children are not touched by this judgment. We are as Lot – spared the fire and brimstone of God’s wrath.

What we must do now is be prepared to gather those children whose parents refuse to submit to these rulings of abject perversion and who exodus the statist gulag. We must take upon ourselves the Levitical mantel and build schools at every level.

What is coming our way is a great opportunity. Gird up your loins brethren – God is sounding the Trumpet!

(Look for my sermon on Sermon Audio “Exodus Part 86 The Enemies of the Family” )