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Internship at New Geneva

internship-1It has always been our hope to bring student interns to work and study on site at New Geneva. The intern program would consist of research projects at the College Library, general office work and maintenance, and of course class time under the supervision of Dr. Paul Michael Raymond and some of the professorial staff at the college. In return, Geneva would offer either a partial or a full 2 year scholarship, including full use of the library and media research room. The problem Geneva faces is that, at this time, it cannot offer housing. Some students may be able to stay with Geneva’s local church families but that option is very limited.

All options hinge upon financial support. One such option is where Geneva, through donations, would purchase a small house to be used for male interns. (Female interns would be placed with families.) The second option is to gain enough financial support to purchase a small building where dorm rooms could be set up along with space to add another library wing.

We had always hoped for  R.J. Rushdoony’s library to be moved here. While that may not be immediately possible perhaps we could bring only part of that Books in stacks 2library to Geneva on a rotational yearly schedule so our students, and the community,  could benefit. Since Appomattox is a tourist attraction, seated in the heart of the Civil War’s Northern Army surrender, the library would also be a tourist attraction dedicated to the work and legacy of R.J. Rushdoony. It would be cared for, cataloged and maintained by Geneva’s interns and local volunteers of the Reformed Bible Church.

Real estate in Appomattox is very affordable especially in the town where Geneva is located. For example: The building adjacent to Geneva is available for $150,000. It is a two story building of approximately 40′ x 200”. It includes a parking lot and a store front entrance on Main Street, which is the  very the heart of Appomattox, along with a side entrance emptying at  Geneva’s front door. There may even be the possibility of dividing the unit for the half closest to  Geneva’s library. This half includes the parking lot and would more than double Geneva’s existing space. It would truly make Geneva a College campus rather than a College building. Like many of the buildings in town this one is a historic landmark and would need some renovation. Over time that can be done by our volunteers and interns. To be sure it is prime real estate for those with a future generational vision.

We are open to suggestions how to alleviate our internship and expansion dilemmas. Please pray that God would open a door of opportunity for us to use Geneva for the greater glory of Christ. Many thanks for your suggestions in advance.