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A Compelling World Changing Product

The question might be asked, “So what is so compelling about New Geneva’s educational experience?” This is a fair question since every product or service has to be something needful, if not extraordinary for an individual to be attracted to it.

First: Geneva uses the latest interactive technology to keep the cost of college lower.

Since we now live in a digital world where the internet is the most utilized tool for education we can provide easy and affordable interactive tutalage for every student gearing all course tracts to the student’s needs, interests and direction.
This is especially helpful to large families and families with daughters who are convinced that these young ladies should learn from the safety of the home and the oversight of their fathers and mothers.  At $75 per credit hours and conferring partial and full scholarships to families who decide to send a number of their children to Geneva this is an added financial assist.

Second: Geneva’s course structure is unique.

Many of Geneva’s courses can be dual credited so that any student desiring to obtain a 4 year Bachelor degree can, at the same time, earn credits toward a Master’s or Seminary degree. This is especially of interest to those young men wishing to go into the ministry since most Seminaries require a 4 year degree before beginning seminary training. Many of the courses taken in the 4 year tract at Geneva can be seminary based giving the student a dual accreditation. If the student wishes to attend Geneva’s seminary, or go on to a graduate program, internal dual accreditation permits the student to advance at his or her own pace and cuts years from the status quo model that is now in place in many Colleges and Theological Seminaries.

Third: Geneva focuses on Application.

Every course focuses upon the application of the material to the culture and the societal order of our world with the express purpose of Advancing the Kingdom of God and the Crown Rights of Christ the King. There is no theological head-scratching or ivory tower pontificating here; only the cold hard focus upon using the scholarship and resources learned to conform the culture to the righteousness of the Word of God.

Fourth: Our Professors are well trained and on the front lines of Advancing the Kingdom.

Each teacher at Geneva already has an impressive tract record of scholarship and leadership in the area of advancing the Kingdom of Christ in the real world.

Fifth: Geneva exceeds all expectations.

Geneva not only meets the student/parent expectations but far exceeds them by equipping each student with the necessary leadership skills of analyzing problems and then solving them from a Biblical vantage-point.

Sixth: Geneva is an experience that I desired for my own children.

Geneva is born out of my own frustration and passion. It is my own philosophy of how I would have liked to have been trained as a young adult and how I wanted my children to be trained. The Geneva courses are those that will impact both the student and the culture at large. The lectures and readings are those that target the issues head on and give the greatest clarity as to the solutions. Geneva is the educational experience where boys become men and men become leaders, resolved to change the world Christ ward in every sphere of life. It is where girls become women and women become examples of integrity, knowledge, wisdom and grace. Geneva is also the place where adults, realizing that the possibility of learning never expires with age, seek to re-kindle their passion for knowledge and its application.

Seventh: Geneva is not just another Theological College…it is a better Theological College because it focuses on the Scripture’s application to every institution and element of civilization.

Human civilization does not need another Bible college. One more Bible college is not the answer as if more is better. What the world needs is a better Theological college with a better, philosophy and a better  focus on what is really needed in the world of Christ-o-centric education. Geneva is that Theological College, Graduate School and Seminary, and it is that clear sense of focus upon the Scriptures and their divine application to every sphere of life that gives it that WOW advantage.

Eighth: Geneva’s Theological presuppositions are based upon the Scriptures alone and the principles of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century.

According to the principles of the Reformation New Geneva adheres to Sola Scriptura, Sola Graita, Sola Feide, Solus Christos and Soli Deo Gloria which impacts and structures every approach to its education system; and like the Geneva of the 16th century New Geneva  is seeking to blaze the way for a Christ centered civilization.