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Family Business? OR The Business of the Family?

Family-BusinessWithin the Christian community there seems to be a recent obsession with building a “Family Business”. On the outset permit me to say that a family business is a good thing provided it is really about building the Kingdom of God and not being used only as a pretext for that end. Too many “Christian Family Businesses” are actually structured to advance the legacy of the individual family and not the legacy of the Lord. To this I say “Anathema!” God will not bless such hypocritical blasphemy. To use the Name of Christ to advance anything but the Glory of God will be met with much sorrow.

That being said, not every family is called to build a family business. A family business is family-business (1)not the only identifying mark of fidelity. God does not call every family to build an economic program around the family unit. While the Body is One, it is made up of many parts. Families are made up of individuals each being called by God to a specific end. One must take into consideration the variables within the family make-up before launching a family business. An assessment of each family member, their gifts and character should be considered before a family business begins. To insinuate that a family business is the only path to the fulfillment of the Dominion Mandate is to totally misunderstand the Scriptures.

fbotyFurthermore, not every family should consider starting a family business. The Dominion Mandate must be spread throughout every aspect and institution within the marketplace and not simply sequestered to the family unit. This is what the Amish do. They are so afraid of the secularism in the market place that they shun it. They are not of the world simply because they are not in the world. Jesus commands the people of God to be in the world but not of it. One must be in it to change it. This is why the Apostle tells his brethren that they ought to obey their masters while working in the marketplace. They are told to work diligently, as unto the Lord, while in the employ of others. Not everyone is called to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone has the gift of business administration. Not every should covet that if it is not in their gift. To do so only invites frustration and despair.

So how should Christians view this new family business phenomenon? Is there a distinction between the family business and the business of the family? Consider the following:

A Christian family business, in the modern sense, usually holds to the presupposition that via cash-floweconomic prosperity, and or security, the Kingdom of God is advanced. In this case the focus is economic. The inheritance in view is the family business and the success thereof. This is a very appealing path since it promises both God and money. But is this the inheritance that God calls families to build? Is this truly the business that the family needs to be concerned about establishing?

Let me be perfectly clear. God does not need money to advance His Truth. Money is not ancient-greece-governmentthe end all for the advancement of the Kingdom. It is, however, a helpful tool. To be sure money makes things easier. We can do much with money, and with it can make significant strides if it is stewarded properly. But that is not the issue. What we must learn is how to do much without it. To be faithful in little is the key to fidelity. Money is only given as an added tool for His Kingdom’s advance but it is only given after we have proven our fidelity in a little.

scriptureMoney is never to be confused with prosperity. Nor is it to be confused with what God has in mind concerning inheritance. The inheritance He calls each father to give to his children is the Lord Jesus and the understanding of His Law. That is the father’s leadership responsibility under the Covenant. God is the exceeding and great reward and His Law is the Light to every child’s path.

The inheritance left to the family is also an inheritance of understanding and wisdom, Lee and childboth of which have nothing to do with money or a family business. It is the business of God that the family needs to be about. The business of the family of God. Jesus said, “I must be about My Father’s Business’. Luke 2:29 That was His Family Business. That must be our primary family business focus. The business of the family, God-ward, must be the focus if that family is to be blessed and faithful in the execution of the Dominion Mandate. Family business, in its most basic form, should be defined as being trained in the Word of God for the Kingdom’s advance. Simply because a family has a undertaken a economic business venture does not make it a Christian family business, nor does it satisfy the command of being about the Father’s kingdom business. Jesus said, “As My Father hath sent Me, so send I you.” John 20:21