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The Old Rat Skeller Model Resurrected

During the 70’s almost every University had what the students called the Rat Skeller. Well at least that is what we called it. It probably was initially dubbed the Rat Celler, but being University wise guys, we thought we would re-name it in order to give it some character.

Since every college has some sort of a “Rat-Skeller” type coffee house for students to gather, we thought that Geneva should have one too.

NYC LibraryThe College is now serving Espressos, Cappuccinos, coffees, herbal treas, snacks (healthy and not so healthy), cold drinks and a series of very healthy Protein Drinks and natural carbonated sodas. All this plus a well stocked theological book store with scholarly free-bees.

The Cafe provides an atmosphere where students and visitors can either converse or sequester themselves in our upstairs library to study. We thought this was a great way to further inject ourselves into the community.

The Cafe is also a great way to get some of the students, and our younger church folk involved in an entrepreneurship internship. By providing and example of what could actually be done with a very small building we hope to provide incentives to others to be creative with what they have to work with.

Community Visibility

There is another reason why Geneva’s cafe is an important addition. Visibility. Every Theological institution, need to be culturally relevant. This means that not only should that institution go out into the community, but it should do all that it can to bring the community to them.

Powerful Witness

Geneva’s bookstore and library provides a powerful witness to the Dominion Mandate and what it really means to be a Christian, who is culturally active and influential in their community. The establishment of the Crown Rights of Christ must be done village by village, town by town, city by city county by county for it to finally go into all the world.

Free stuff… really.

Geneva also provides a ton of free stuff for its visitors and members. from tracts to magazines we insure that everyone who enters does not go away empty.

If you are ever in the Appomattox area in Central Virginia we invite you to visit.  The coffee is on us!