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Economic Meltdown – It’s Coming

Although the sinful love of money is the root of all evil, money  is nevertheless the tool that must be used to secure Christian families and advance the Kingdom of Christ.  Governments know what money is and how to use it – most Christians do not. As a result, the study of economics is placed last on the Christian’s list of interests other than the simple spending of money and paying of bills.

If there was ever a time when Christians needed to understand money, and what is happening to money in the United States and the world through gross debt and inflation, the time is now.

25 million Zimbabwean dollars = $1 US - This pile of money worth $100 US

Money and stewardship go hand in hand. The Scriptures speak volumes about money, its nature and its proper use. Still, Christians are ignorant of its nature, Biblical purpose and how it is the key to Righteous dominion.

Günter Schmölder once noted

“With inflation alone,  a government can extinguish debt without repayment or wage war and engage in other nonproductive activities on a large scale: it is not recognized as a tax.”

We are already in the midst of a terrible inflationary period that is effecting every aspect of our social order, from the price of gasoline to the price of food. With the coming of American hyper-inflation the situation is going to be worse.

Considering this, the words of Adam Fergusson are haunting.

“In [Germany’s] hyperinflation[period -1920’s], a kilo of potatoes was worth more than the family silver. A prostitute in the family was better than an infant corpse; theft was preferable to starvation; warmth was finer than honor; clothing more essential than democracy; food more needed than freedom.”

The New Geneva Chrisitan Leadership Academy is concerned with the turn of events in the American Economic system and offers introductory courses in economics, and advanced stewardship, to prepare Chirst’s people for what is soon to come. To be forwarded is to be forearmed.

New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy