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Weapons of Mass Distraction


As a result of technology and the rapid change in social networking and internet communication we have been inundated with distractions. The majority of these distractions are unprofitable. Some even dangerous as in texting while driving or checking Face Book instead of paying attention to where one is either walking or even driving.

distractionMost electronic devices, all of which are pandemically common within our day to day living, are a constant interruption with their beeps, buzzes and alarms. These only add to our attention deficit disorder which makes it almost impossible to think clearly or focus on any given project or task.  Mankind has become a slave to email, Face Book, Twitter, Linked In and a myriad of other techno-interrupters all designed to make us productively impotent.

     Time: Friend or Foe?

Time waits for no one. It is given as a Divine investment into one’s life in order for that individual to do something of worth with it. It can be a friend or a foe depending on how it is either used or squandered. Time cannot be horded. It cannot be saved in some hour-glass bank account. It must be spent immediately when it is given. This is why the Apostle tells us that the saint must redeem Time. Time wasting is a sin. It is a simple as that.

                                                        Redeeming Time

focus (1)One of the ways that time can be redeemed is through Goal Setting. Without goals, there can be no measurable success, especially when it comes to advancing the Kingdom of God. In order to maximize time, each day must be carefully planned so as to not waste it on those things that distract us. Focus is key. Brian Tracy in his book “Get Smart” explains.

“Goals are essential. Goals enable you to control the direction of change, to assure that your life and work are self-determined rather than being dictated by outside events.” Pg 57

Goals can be short or long term. You can set goals for the day, week, month or year. You can even set goals for a 5 or 10-year vision. The key is to set your sights on something tangible. Then your progress can be measured. Tracy says,

“Goal setting requires long term thinking, slow thinking and informed thinking. A key to sues is for you to think on paper. The very act of writing down what you want to dramatically increases your probability or achieving it.” Pg 58

                                                       Kingdom Goals

For the committed Christian commitment to Kingdomclouds Goals is paramount. The legacy of Christ and His global reconstruction is the focus and legacy of the committed saint. And while distractions remain a thorn, the saint, as a result of his focused Kingdom commitment, is able to side step the lure of distraction. This however is not the case for far too many within the realm of Christendom today.

                                                The Face Book Leviathan

TextingWhileDrivingDangerFace Book’s distraction is the granddaddy of all distractions. It has become the great Red Dragon of both distraction and destruction for many in the ranks of the faithful. In man’s desire to know and be known Facebook provides a powerful venue. This desire is not only rampant within the secular world but also within Christendom. Every little thing we do, say, eat, or where we go is now logged into the World Wide Web via Facebook for all to see. But it doesn’t end there. In a desire to declare our existence and relevancy to the world, we want to tell others what we are thinking, doing, saying, eating or where we are going. Facebook addiction also compels the individual to weigh in on every discussion or comment just to be heard. With a simply click we can “Like”, “Unlike”, “Happy Face”, “Sad Face”, “Crying Face” “Cute Animal Face” and dozens of other icons that give us a worldwide audience.

Facebook also provides a venue of voyeurism. It is the voyeur’s dream since it can be textingaccessed without the threat of being arrested allowing us to peer into everyone else’s business. What is disturbing about this is not so much what is being posted, since most of it is innocent, it is the fact that so much precious time is being wasted. We are caring more about what others are doing, eating, saying or going than we do about creating something of life long importance. Hours upon hours are spend on Facebook in order to become narcissistically cyber relevant.

abuseBut there is an even greater danger at hand other than narcissism or voyeurism. Within some of the private theological groups there appears to be a greater evil than being simply a time waster.

Instead of it being a venue for Spiritual encouragement and the sharing of ideas, strategies and tactics for cultural revitalization, it has devolved into a battle ground of slander and arrogance. This is both a distraction and a discouragement to those that are honestly seeking an honest discussion about the things of God through the internet venue.  

                                               A Violation of Matthew 18

Facebook has provided the perfect storm for those that desire theological pre-eminence. A-FacebookIn an attempt to gain followers Facebook has become the vehicle of slander, criticism and offence. Rather than seeking a face to face discussion with those brethren that either disagree or have a different opinion on a theological matter Facebook has given the excuse of violating Matthew 18. This has become increasingly disheartening and if not repented of it will destroy any hope of Reformation within this and possibly future generations. If today’s theologians are setting the example for the next generation what is it that they are actually exemplifying? And so, while professing to be Theologically proficient in the Scriptures these folks have violated the most basic of commandments.

                                                              The Remedy

construction workI have long avoided such people since they eat up the precious Time God has entrusted me with to do His will. While so many Facebook pontificators talk about the things of God and cultural renewal, very few are actually doing something productive. Talk is cheap. Argumentative talk is disruptive and distractive. It leads nowhere and therefore we should not enter into such avenues.

In order to regain lost time Christians must master the art of focus. Focusing upon the really important things will result in action and action will result in change. Change is what we want so why waste time talking about it and arguing about the incidentals of the Faith? We must resist the temptation of distraction and build a legacy for the LORD Christ. This can only be accomplished if we learn how to mortify the many Leviathans that threaten to derail us in our quest to fulfill the Great Commission that the Lord has commanded. As Nehemiah declared,

“I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?” Nehemiah 6:3