Disputations on the Judical Laws of Moses

Below is a great resource for the serious Biblical Theologian.
I have also added a quote (as I will do from time to time) from my good friend and colleague, Dr. Daniel Ritchie. He is always full of great info. Enjoy.

Disputations on the Judicial Laws of Moses by Johannes Piscator, Translated by Adam Jonathan Brink i

Review: In this tour de force of Reformed political ethics, Johannes Piscator discusses the relevance of the Judicial Laws of Moses for Christian magistrates. This series of arguments originally appeared as an Appendix to his commentary on Exodus, and was recommended by George Gillespie (Scottish delegate to the Westminster Assembly) as helping to resolve scruples regarding the Judicial Laws of Moses.

Quote: “The best of us cannot make God his debtor, that if we have done all that is commanded we are but unprofitable servants, that the obedience of the best falls very far short of His commands, and that it is therefore a delusion to entertain the idea of being justified by our works.” George Salmon

Dr. Daniel F.N. Ritchie is a Western Catholic, Protestant and Reformed Christian. He is a graduate of Queen’s University and The North American Reformed Seminary. Currently studying for an MA in Irish History.


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